How can I add a campaign in another campaign?

Tabata Vossen -

You might want to link your different campaigns together and pass data from one to another. To do this, you can use the "Channel ID" available in Qualifio. This article explains how you can link multiple campaigns together using their Channel IDs.

Get Channel ID

When previewing your campaign, use the URL from your window to get the parameter "id_prod":


The ID A123B4C5-D678-E9FG-01H2-345I6J7K890L can be used to link to this campaign.

Or get the ID from the Manager:



Link campaigns using IDs

This part can be accomplished by using specific variables.

Create an automatic redirection to another campaign

For instance, you want to have a quiz just after your memory.

Use the variable {goto:} to redirect to another campaign. This will create an automatic redirection.


Note: Because this is a redirection, the screen in which you will use the variable {goto:} will not be shown to the participants.

Create a link to another campaign

Use the variable {linkto:} to insert a link to another campaign that will open in the same screen.

<a href={linkto:A123B4C5-D678-E9FG-01H2-345I6J7K890L}>Put your link text here</a>

Passing information between campaigns

These two variables make for a quick method for pre-populating existing data into a form. Data from the first campaign is stored and used to pre-fill the form of the second campaign. Therefore, you can pre-populate data in the form that is either visible or invisible to the participant.

A campaign that uses the {linkto:} variable would look as follows:


As you can see, the information you entered in the form of the first campaign has been stored and pre-populated in the second campaign. That way, this data will be included in your statistics and exports.

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