Why are overall data of Global Stats different from the sum from my campaigns?

Olivier de Lamotte -

The numbers of Participations or Unique participants differs in the Global Stats from the "Dashboard" to the details in the “Best ranking (under in the Global Stats) or from the "individual statistics of each campaign”?


There are logical reasons to why this happens, they are listed here-below: 


  • Unique Profiles of the Account VS Unique Profiles per campaign


Say you have two campaigns:

  • Campaign A: 5.000 Unique Profiles
  • Campaign B: 10.000 Unique Profiles

You may, in the Dashboard of the Global Stats have only 12.000 Unique Profiles.

Indeed, campaigns count profiles in their own specific campaigns while the Global Stats are removing duplicates from one campaign to another.

In this case, 3.000 participants would be the same in campaign A and B.


  • Global Stats computation once a month


Every 1st of the month, we take a snapshot of all campaigns, participations, unique profiles and new unique profiles of THAT month to calculate the Dashboard (The best ranking of campaign (see screenshot at the top of the article) is calculated in real-time). Although, some alteration to data may occur between the 1st of the Month and the date a user consults the Global Stats. For instance: games deletion, blacklist of IP of participant(s), update of campaign form, duplication process, change of CRM variables, email validation feature activation, data deletion via the GDPR Toolbox.


Need concrete examples?

Say, in the Global Stats, the number of Unique Participants = 10.000 for September 2018 → This get calculated on October 1st.

  • A user can delete test participations of a campaign on the 2nd of October
  • A user can delete cheating participations on the 2nd of October
  • A user can blacklist an IP (and its participations) on the 2nd of October
  • A user can remove the form of a campaign, making it impossible for the individual statistics to keep calculating the number of Unique profiles on the 2nd of October
  • A user can activation the email validation feature, making all previous participation “not validated” on the 2nd of October
  • Qualifio deletes participations / data upon request of customer on the 2nd of October

All these actions would result in a lowering of the number of Unique Participants in the INDIVIDUAL statistics module, but NOT the Global Statistics one.


If you have any further question, feel free to contact directly our helpdesk, we'll be pleased to help you understand the numbers.

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