How to create a "puzzle" campaign?

Anastasia Babatzikis -


Any step that is not referred here is similar to any standard Qualifio campaign.

The puzzle game consists of moving pieces to the correct position in order to assemble the original picture with the fewest possible clicks and a certain timeframe. This is an ideal way to present visuals of a new product or line, for example. 

How to create a puzzle? 

  1. Create a new campaign: you will find the puzzle campaign in the “Animated Games” category;
  2. Got to step 3 "Puzzle" and click on "create a new puzzle";
  3. Use any image URL from the web or upload your own 
  4. Choose between 2 difficulty settings: 9 or 16 pieces;
  5. The puzzle is generated automatically and you can create as many puzzles as you want;
  6. Choose the display of elapsed play time: stopwatch, sandglass or progress;
  7. Other options available: indication of number of clicks, reset button, validation button, display all puzzles on one page and display the puzzle before mixing it



The puzzle game

Users simply click on the tiles that they want to move (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, at the opposite, etc.). The game is over when the puzzle is finished or after a certain time limit. 



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