How to distribute e-coupons using HighCo Data

Anastasia Babatzikis -

If you are using HighcoData to generate your e-coupons, you can also distribute these e-coupons via a Qualifio campaign. This will be a link/button on the exit screen of your campaign that will redirect the participant to the e-coupon. You can also send that coupon via an email triggered at the end of a campaign.

Step 1: Activate Highco Data e-coupons in your account.

Note: to activate Highco coupons in your account, you need to have admin rights in Qualifio

To make use of your Highco coupons, you need to link your Highco account. You can link all your websites to 1 Highco account or you can choose to link each of your websites to a seperate Highco Account.

1. Go to the "Settings" and open the "Integrations and Partners" tab



2. Switch on the HighCo Data e-coupon integration and click "Configure"



3. Fill in the username and password you received from HighCo by default for all the websites, or configure a different HighCo account per website.



Step 2: Activate your e-coupons in your campaign

1. In the exit step of your campaign, click on "Insert a HighCo Data e-coupon". Attention, you need to have an identified campaign to use our HighCo integration as Qualifio will pre-fill the data of the user based on the data entered in the Qualifio campaign.



2. Fill in the Capuniquecode of your coupon list and enter a label for the button/link for the user 



A button will be generated on your exit screen. When the participant clicks this button, he/she will be redirected to the e-coupon. 


Tip: you can add multiple coupons in one campaign and you can add different coupons based on score or based on profile in a personality test


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