How to use the validation e-mail/confirmation screen?

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The validation e-mail allows you to

  • define a template for e-mails to the participants
    The participant has to click on the e-mail to validate their participation. This feature allows you to collect only quality data and validate e-mail addresses entered by participants. You can either send an e-mail for each participation or send it only once for each new participant.
  • define what appears on the next screen (confirmation screen)
    You can also customise the screen that displays once the participant has clicked on the e-mail and validate their participation. This confirmation screen can thus be personalized depending on what your goal is: redirect to your website or Facebook page, for example.

Templates can apply to a whole account or to a single website. That way you can make sure your visual identity is coherent in all e-mails sent. This being said, you are also able to edit the templates for a specific campaign if you wish so.


How to define a template?

Warning! This feature is only accessible to Admin users.

  • Go to the Documents of your account, then to the "Email & screen of participation validation" section;
  • Select whether you want to define a validation e-mail or a confirmation screen;
  • Click on "Add a new template";


  • Select
    1. A language: choosing a language means that the e-mail only applies to campaigns using that same language;
    2. A website: you can link the template to a specific website or keep it for all websites (which is the default option);
  • Enter all "default data" (sender's name and e-mail etc.)

To sum it up, you can choose to make your template available for

  • All websites (and thus all campaigns) or
  • All the campaigns that are linked to a specific website.

You can also choose to have one template per website or a unique, generic template for all campaigns related to your account. If you create more than one template per website, the newer one will always be displayed by default. This is illustrated by a red bullet next to the older template, as shown hereunder:


All of this applies to both the validation e-mail and the confirmation screen.


Two kinds of templates

1. The validation e-mail

  • Sender's name: name that will be displayed in the e-mail
  • Sender's e-mail: e-mail address to which the participant can respond (main e-mail will always be sent from
  • Recipient: CRM variable to which the e-mail will be sent (by default: {email})
  • Other options: these are all basic features (just like in an exit e-mail)
  • Insert a validation link: link on which the participant has to click to validate their participation (Warning! Do NOT erase nor modify the {url_to_confirm}.)

You should now get to Step 7 - Settings > Limit the number of participations. You can choose to send a confirmation e-mail for

  1. Each participant: send only one e-mail to each participant, no matter the number of games or campaigns they will take part in;
  2. Each participation: send an e-mail for each participation, which means that a participant has to validate their participation every time.

Warning! You will have to choose one of those two options for every campaign.

2. The confirmation screen

The confirmation screen is the page the participant is directed to once they have validated their participation through the e-mail. There are two things you can do:

  • Choose the text that will display on this screen (you may also add images, social buttons, CRM variables etc.);
  • Choose a link that the participant will then be redirected to (such as a specific page on your website or the one of your client/partner).


How to use or modify a template in a specific campaign

The template that most likely will be displayed in a campaign is either

  • The active template for the website (if there is one) or
  • The active template for the account (if there is one).

You can select it as the illustration shows hereunder:

You can also edit the e-mail or the confirmation screen based on an existing template. If you wish to do so, simply click on the dropdown menu and select "For this publishing channel only". You can then edit all settings for this e-mail or confirmation screen worriless.

Tip: You can select a different template or customize your e-mail for each publishing channel. For example, you might want to use a different logo in the case of different media brands from the same group that are all using the same campaign.

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