How to include variables in the URL redirection

Aurélien Berhin -

You can switch the data collected in your Qualifio forms to your landing page at the end of your campaign.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. In the step "exit" of your campaign, select the option "automatic redirection".
  2. Activate an automatic redirection.
  3. Fill the redirect URL field and add the variables you want to send through to your website.

What variables can you use?

Different variables can be added:

- Variables "custom" (you set in the Settings)
- Variables Qualifio (like {firstname} {lastname}, {} e-mail, etc.
- Variables of participation:

  • {Id} = campaign ID
  • {} = Id_game participation ID
  • {Title} title = campaign
  • Email_md5 {} = {email} variable CRM MD5 encoded

What will occur if the value of my variables contains spaces or special characters?

These values will be URL encoded, it means that they will be replaced by URL supported characters and correctly interpreted by your server.

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