How to use Qualifio as a tool of coregistration

Aurélien Berhin -

Qualifio can be used like any coregistration tool without necessarily using Qualifio forms.

It is possible to generate additional income by simply inserting a screen which will present your partner after your content and forms!

How to create a campaign "coregistration screen"

Start by creating a new type of campaign "coregistration screen" in "Forms, landing pages, slideshows & Advent calendars" :


Build your campaign as usual, Although you only have 3 steps :

  1. Channels
  2. Appearance
  3. Settings


How to integrate this type of campaign?

1 - This type of campaigns is integrated in the following way:

- Retrieve the javascript code of your country (area marked in orange)




2 -In your script, insert the helpful  CRM variables to display the coregistrations with your partners.

Replace all the variables in the code you just copied by the variables used in your original form. In the example below, you can see in red the elements that need to be replaced:

Do not forget to also indicate the back-url, i.e. the page will redirect the user after completing the co-registrations. full URL (including 'http: //')

The variable "name"- "surname" - "mails" are the 3 minimum required fields.


3- Place the script Qualifio home, to call the Qualifio page displaying coregs.


Important notes:


1. The values ​​must be communicated to the URL encoded.


  • 05% 2F10% 2F1991 instead of 05.10.1991
  • Account% 20Manager instead of Account Manager

2. Qualifio campaign "coregistration Screen" will display a coregistration home screen: no form, no home screen, no screen output. However, in PREVIEW mode in the manager Qualifio you will also see the form, this allow you to test the process from A to Z.


3. If the participant has previously accepted all the proposed coregs, the screen will not be shown.


4. It is necessary that the site calling Qualifio script and Qualifio campaign are on the same protocol (http or https).


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