How to create a "memory" campaign?

Aurélien Berhin -

To create a Memory, you have to click on a " Create a new campaign", select "Animated Games" and then Memory.

A memory is an animated game where players have to find pairs of cards as fast as they can. In this type of campaign, there is no "Questions" step but a  "Cards" step in order to design your game.

Management of the cards :


  1. Manage the face side of your cards by choosing pairs.

  2. Choose the number of pairs you want and the shape of your cards.

  3. You can customize the back side of your cards. Choose a background color, a texture, an image.

  4. Play with the transparence of the texture.


In the advanced parameters you can add effects to your memory as well as decide to display the number of clicks, the chrono and the reset button.

Good to know for Memory Games :

  1. They work very well on mobiles and smartphones ;-)
  2. Participants must identify all pairs in a minimum number of clicks and time;
  3. They work exactly like any other Qualifio campaign : they can be anonymous or identified, have a welcome screen, an exit screen, virality options, etc.


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