How to publish a campaign on Instagram

Sébastien Desprez -

To publish a campaign on Instagram you have to create a sponsored post, otherwise it isn't possible.

To create your sponsored posts on Instagram, you have to go to the Adverts Manager of Facebook. This is the place where you will create your Instagram ads.

In the creation process of the sponsored post you will have to choose the format "clicks to website". This format requires you to include a link, this link must be the one of the Webview of your widget/iframe (see below).

After this you will have to set up an audience, a budget, your images, etc.

The "clicks to website" format allows the user to click on the picture or the video in Instagram to be redirected to a Qualifio campaign directly in Instagram thanks to the Browser in app. 

In the adverts manager :

The webview link in Qualifio : 


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