How to create a "guess-the-word" campaign?

Aurélien Berhin -

To create a guess-the word, click on Add a new campaign and select in Animated Games : Guess-the-world.

Create a campaign guess-the-word:

  1. Write your introduction text or your question.
  2. Then enter you Word, sentence of series of words separated with a comma.

    For a single word: type the word in the block and select :

    For a series of words: Type your text normally with a space between each word and select . Spaces will be displayed as empty boxes in the game. The participant will have to find the entire text to end the game.

    For a word (or a series of words) chosen randomly in a series of words you entered. Type each word (or series of words), and separate each of them with a coma. Then click on

  3. Choose the different options of you guess-the-word campaign
    Letters' appearance: Choose the appearance of your cards once the letter has been found

  4. Write a success message: this message will be displayed once the word(s) have been found.




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