How to moderate your campaign

Aurélien Berhin -

Note : In order to moderate your campaign, you can choose to moderate the content before they appear in the gallery (select this option in settings) or after.

In both cases you need to go to the reporting section.

  1. To moderate photos : from qualifio main screen, go to the statistics of your upload campaign.

  2. Then click on the "Games" button on the statistics page

  3. For each photo click on the red/green button to add or delete the photo,video from the gallery.
    • Red > offline
    • Green > online 
  4. When you moderate a photo you can send an email to the participant by clicking on the envelope, for example to explain why their picture has been refused on the gallery. 

Moderation protects your gallery from undesirable content. But it requires a regular manual intervention in order the gallery to be filled with participations. In order to remember to moderate contents, we recommend to put your address mail in the « BCC e-mail(s) » field in the mail sent to participants. As a consequence you will receive an email every time a content is uploaded.


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