How to link a subdomain to my website in Qualifio

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To link your domain name to your website in Qualifio:

Go to Settings:


Then click on the Website management button


Create a new website by filling each presented fields.

By default, each new website will have the following domain:, the domain visible when creating a new mini-site or visible in your iframe’s code. Consequently, it is advisable to link this site to a domain or subdomain name of your domain name.

How to set up a redirection yourself

Step 1:

Create a subdomain of your main domain. This takes a few seconds. In the client space of your website host, here OVH, add a new redirection to your domain and directly choose your subdomain, e.g.

 Note: You can also purchase a specific domain name for your Qualifio campaigns ( In this case, you will create a redirection without a subdomain.


Step 2:

Redirect to Qualifio by selecting a redirection in CNAME.


Step 3:

Redirect to

If your domain is using HTTPS, then you can redirect it to as well but you need to contact our helpdesk in order to generate a SSL certificate.


Step 4:

Before the final step, contact your CSM or our helpdesk so they add your custom domain to your account. After it is done, you can go into Qualifio’s site management and select your new domain "" in the domain line of the site in question and configure the tags and other settings.


Note : Each time you create a domain for a Qualifio site you will need to create a Facebook app specifically for this site. Read this guide for the detailed steps. This operation only takes a few minutes.

 From now on :

  • All mini-sites created by your users will have a URL address starting with and will have the appropriate arch for the website in question.
  • All your iframes will also refer to
  • All pages viewed, events tracked, etc., will be visible in Google Analytics [if your tag is inserted correctly].
  • You can carry out searches based on websites in Qualifio.
  • You can optimise the rights and access of each user and partners.

Feel free to contact our helpdesk if you have issues configuring your sites.

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