Where can I check UTM parameters in Qualifio?

Tabata Vossen -

Each time someone participates to a Qualifio campaign thanks to an URL that contains UTM parameters [Source, Medium, Name, Term, Content], these values are automatically added in the reporting module to the line of his/her participation. Some graphs are also shown to facilitate the analysis of your sources.




Imagine that you handle two emailings campaigns. The source will either be emailingA or emailingB. This source will be mentioned for each of your participants.

! You should never add UTM parameters to a "qlic.it" - type URL. 

Please note that with HTML (iframe) integration, these UTM parameters can't be found. Therefore, you should use JavaScript integration.

Technically speaking, you have nothing to set up in Qualifio: the UTM will automatically be added to your reporting.

For more details on UTM parameters: what it is, why & how to use them, read our article here

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