Javascript tag / integration

Marc-Alexis Dufour -

For any Qualifio campaign, embed tags are provided by Qualifio Manager to be integrated in the source code of your HTML page. It can be done directly in the page (via an editor) or via a CMS (if source mode is possible).


The integration of this new tags does not require any set-up at your side.


Advantages of the Javascript tag

  1. The game is loaded in an asynchronous mode, which means that the loading of the game will not block any other element of the page;
  2. The height and width of the game will automatically adjust to its content (for old browser versions like IE8, it is recommended to define a height);
  3. The active screen is memorised in session: if a participant leaves the page and come back later, he/she will be back at his/her original position;
  4. It is possible to call an external function in the parent page, for example a call to the adserver giving instruction to refresh ad material.
  5. It is possible to embed two or more games in a same page.
  6. From a massive e-mailing, it is possible to prefill an identity form, by passing variables or default values in the tag
  7. The position on next page can be modified : Stay on the same position/Go to the top of the iframe/Go to the top of the page 


To get the Javascript code from qualifio home page click on the button in red in the image below


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