What's the difference between an iframe and a mini site?

Quentin Paquot -

  • A widget is an integration code that you manually paste into your website or CMS.
  • A mini site will automatically generate an independent website with a single and automatically generated URL.


A Widget is an iframe or javascript code that you manually copy/paste from Qualifio to your website our CMS.

It’s located on a blank area of the page of your website that will host your campaign. If this area is 618px width for example, than you’ll need to create a 618px width campaign in Qualifio.

You can compare a Qualifio Widget to a Youtube Embedded Code.

Mini Site

A campaign published on a mini site will automatically receive a new URL in Qualifio Manager.


2 options exists here, both required an initial short setup 

  • You create a reference page on your website (call this a template, a container or a wrapper) with, for example, an header, footer, sidebar and host it on your domain. In this HTML page, you’ll setup a blank area where your Qualifio campaigns will be located. In order to do this – just write a variable in this space (ex : $$content$$).


When creating a new website, you need to do 2 things in Qualifio :1) add this website by copy pasting your URL in Settings/Website/Your Website/Webpage 2) copy paste the variable in the variable field.


  • You want that your campaigns have a totally different look and feel that your corporate website: you just have to create a new website with your desired look and feel and a new blank area on it. Just repeat the 2 steps from point 1 in Qualifio Manager.


Qualifio automatically generates a new URL for each campaign published on a mini site. The default domain name is player.qualifio.com. Once your website are correctly defined in Qualifio, you don’t have to do anything out of Qualifio to publish your campaigns – sounds cool isn’t it?


You can of course change the domain name in order to avoid that your participants play on a player.qualifio.com instead of yourbrand.com. Check this article : https://qualifio.zendesk.com/hc/en/articles/201121936-Comment-g%C3%A9rer-mes-sites-internet-noms-de-domaines-tags-etc-

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