How to use tacit opt-ins

Jérome Guibaud -

A tacit opt-in is an opt-in that is accepted by default, as shown hereunder:

If you want to ensure a high level of opt-ins, the tacit opt-in is a good solution. The main difference is that this opt-in is "accepted" by default instead of chosen by the user. 

It is also important to note that the user must be able to participate without subscribing to the opt-in. It's a legal obligation.


How to create and use the tacit opt-in

You can place a tacit opt-in placed in the welcome screen of your identified campaign (such as in the example above) or in its identification form. In order for it to be displayed, you need to

  1. Create a "tacit opt-in field" in your identification form
  2. Activate this feature in the "Welcome screen" or "Form" step
  3. That's it!


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