The Facebook share information is incomplete

Quentin Paquot -

You're publishing the link of your campaign on Facebook and realise that all information you inserted [Title, Image, Description..] are not up to date? 

It's probably linked to Facebook cache. You probably have inserted more information afterwards and Facebook has kept in the cache of the servers the results of the first request he made to gather the page information.

This first request did not contain all the elements and you should therefore wait of a cache update to see the full information in the description.

The solution to this problem is to force Facebook to refresh its servers cache. Surf to and type the URL of your campaign. Click on "Debug" to see what information Facebook actually has over your link. If you want to update it, simply click on "Fetch new scrape information".

Be careful to check both "http://" and "https://" URL's. Facebook has a different cache for each URL.

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