How to manage themes of my Qualifio / coregistration campaign ?

Jérome Guibaud -

Themes allow you to choose which optin will be display depending on the subject of your campaign to be more relevant.

For example after your personality test “Beach VS Mountain” display coregistration of travel agencies.

Themes are managed in 3 steps:

Create themes

Click on the "Settings" button on the top menu of Qualifio screens and then “Management of themes”.

It is from this screen that you will create the themes you will find in your coregistration screen and setting screen for your Qualifio campaigns.

Add themes to your coregistration campaign

Click on the "optins" button on the top menu of Qualifio screens, and then on “management of coregistration campaigns”.

From there, choose the campaign on which you want to modify themes. Click on “segmentation” tab.  Then click on the green button to associate and on red button to dissociate a theme from the campaign.
 = associate
 = dissociate 


Add a theme to your Qualifio campaign

In the step "7. Settings" of your Qualifio campaign choose which theme you want to associate to this campaign. 

Optin which are dissociated from a theme will not be displayed on a campaign associatd to this theme.

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