What is coregistration and an opt-in campaign?

Jérome Guibaud -

Coregistration is a marketing process to monetize your web audience.

You offer an advertiser to associate his brand to your campaign ( a quiz for example) in order to give him leads you gather. Those data can be given to the advertiser only if the participant has given his agreement.  To give their agreement participants need to tick a box like “I accept to receive promotional offers from XXX” (Optin).

Thanks to the Qualifio coregistration module or the one of Affinilead, Dual Optin and Avertise Me, you create and manage the display of various optins at the end of a campaign. You also generate detailed reports to send to your advertiser to justify your income. You can also export data directly into your advertiser’s database.

By activating coregistration on your Qualifio campaign, a coregistration screen with the optin you have created will be displayed after the exit screen. 

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