Why is the CRM platform useful?

Christophe Rahier | Qualifio -

The CRM platform is the tool allowing you to have a statistics of all the campaigns. You will be able to get the participation datas you want on basis of some criteria you choose : period, profile of participants, type of campaings, optins... 


For example : thanks to the CRM platform you will be able to get all the datas of the participants having answered to the question "Subscribe to the newsletter" on a given period. 

The CRM platform has 3 different elements : 

  • The dashboard tab : The dashboard represents a global vision of your use of your use of Qualifio and the datas you collected.
  • The participant tab : Allows you to search for a participant thanks to a search engine. 
  • The queries tab : Allows you to enter queries in order to obtain a list of participant sorted by criteria through all the campaigns.  



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