How can I determine the winners of my campaign?

Christophe Rahier | Qualifio -

You can draw your winners (or on basis of the tiebreaker question) once your campaign is over. This functionality is only available for identified campaigns. 

In order to determine the winners, you have to go in the statistics of your campaign and click on "winners". 

Once in the Winners tab, determine the number of winners you want to obtain on the basis of : 

  • all participants
  • the participants with the most points
  • the tiebreaker question

Validate in order to get the list of winners. 


Filters are available :

  • Exclude participants that already won a prize 
  • Filter on the basis of the zip code: only if your identity form contains a zip code. 

Once you have the winners list you can upload it in an Excel file. You can also deselect a participant and draw again to replace him. 


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