How can I customize my welcome screen?

Christophe Rahier | Qualifio -

To customise your welcome screen, keep in mind the following :

  1. To add a welcome screen is not mandatory. If you want your users to reach directly the first question of your campaign, let this Welcome Screen step empty.
  2. You can customise different Welcome messages, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your campaign's running date. Use the Before, During and After tabs to define a specific message. Thus, during the campaign, you can display a simple "welcome message". Before the campaign, tease your users by giving the opening date of your campaign. After the campaign, you can, for instance, thank all the participants and display the list of winners.
  3. Customise your message as you wish. Remember you can always access the HTML mode to add more elements like embedding a video, a gif or more.
  4. Feel free to add embed elements (videos, music, etc.), a movie trailer for instance. You can also add links to your advertiser official site.
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