What is a Smart URL?

Jérome Guibaud -

The Facebook mobile app which is accessible from all the mobile devices does not allow external apps such as the Qualifio apps. 

Qualifio found a solution to that problem and created what we call a Smart URL. 

Thanks to the Smart URL the mobile users of Facebook can now access the Qualifio apps. 

While creating a campaign on Facebook a Smart URL is automatically generated by Qualifio. 

This Smart URL is the link that you will find in the step 1 of your campaign in the manager. This link must looks like this: http://qlic.it/... 


When you have to share a link to a campaign published on Facebook, it is very important to share the qlic.it link instead of the one of facebook that looks like :  https://www.facebook.com/nomdelapage/app/194911767865032?app_data=FB75341F-B434-7D93-7458-43A7C80DD630 

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