Where can I publish my campaigns?

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Publication channel's selection is done in tab "Publication channels".

Different options are available :


On a website via an iframe

An iframe is a HTML tag that let you publish on your website a piece of content coming from another one.

  1. Select Widget (iframe)
  2. Select the website linked to this campaign.
  3. Type the URL of your campaign : the URL of the page where you'll publish your iframe.
  4. Qualifio gives you a HTML of Javascript tag.
  5. Copy/paste this code in your CMS.

Iframe tag example :

<div id="qualifio_insert_place_173291" class="qualifio_iframe_wrapper"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
(function(b,o,n,u,s){var a,t;a=b.createElement(u);a.async=1;a.src=s;t=b.getElementsByTagName(u)[0];t.parentNode.insertBefore(a,t);o[n]=o[n]||[]}) (document,window,'_qual_async','script','//player.qualifio.com/kit/qualp.2.min.js');
_qual_async.push(['createIframe', 'qualifio_insert_place_173291', 'player.qualifio.com', '20', 'D0631FBA-98B6-988D-0C0A-9FB290F99724', '100%', '1200', '', '', '', 'max-width:810px;margin:0 auto;']);


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On a dedicated mini-site

A mini-site is a dedicated small website that hosts a Qualifio campaign. Mini-sites are managed by admin users.

A mini-site can have the header/footer/sidebar of your website, or a totally different design.

  1. Select Mini-Site
  2. Select the website linked to this campaign
  3. Qualifio gives a ready-to-use URL per mini-site.

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On a Facebook Page App

You can create a Page Application within Qualifio. This page will be published under a Tab of your Facebook Page. It is mandatory to be Admin of a Facebook page in order to publish a campaign.

  1. Select Facebook Page
  2. Login on Facebook
  3. Select your page in the dropdown list
  4. Select the tab under which you want your campaign to be published.
  5. Select the website linked to you campaign.
  6. Check that the Application is correctly installed on your page : click on Verify. If the application is not installed yet, follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. Qualifio gives you a smart URL that will directly send the visitors to the application.


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