What are the functions of an SSO integration?

Olivier Simonis -

A full integration with your SSO integrates the following operations:

  • automatic identification of a participant: if the visitor already has an active session on your  website, we can detect this session based on a cookie or a unique key embedded within our iFrame. This key will be securely submitted to your system in order to get the full profile of the user and pre-fill their identification form.
  • manual identification: the visitor manually logs in with password into the Qualifio identification form.
  • password recall: the visitor enters their e-mail or login and an e-mail is sent with a new password (by your server or our server)
  • new registration: the new profile is added to your database after confirmation that it does not already exist
  • profile update: if participants modify their profiles (e.g. newsletter subscription ), an update is made in your database

Lighter integration: push data into your own system

At the end of any interaction, we can “push” data or profiles into your system, and integrate any meta-data useful for your CRM (campaign ID, thematic, geo data).


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