How to change the position of the form?

Tabata Vossen -

This option allows you to place your form before the questions in your campaign. By default, the form is placed after the questions, at the end of your campaign.


In some campaign types (such as an identified Sudden death quiz), the form automatically appears before the questionnaire. Why? That way, you make sure you collect data on all participants to your campaign. E.g. in the Sudden death campaign format, participants are eliminated as from their first wrong answer. If they know they've lost, what are the chances they will still complete the form with their information?

What should you do if you use the pre-filling of the form?

To make the user's life easier, we have a feature that allows you to automatically pre-fill a form based on CRM or emailing variables. This is because users usually come to forms expecting not to have to fill everything out, since you already know part of the information about them. Therefore, the pre-filling of the form can be helpful.

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