How to automatically pre-fill a form based on CRM variables in an emailing?

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In this tutorial, we tell you how to use URL parameters to pre-fill form fields.

Typical situation: You created a quiz, which you shared with your database through an emailing campaign. Users who will click on your campaign shouldn't have to fill out fields about their personal information such as their name or email address, since you already have the data! In Qualifio, it is possible to pre-fill these fields.

Here are the 4 steps to follow in order to use this very useful feature:

1- Select the right publication channel

This feature works whether you

  • Use the JavaScript (JS) integration code or the HTML (iframe)
  • Publish your campaign on a mini-site or in a widget (embedded on another webpage)

2- Get the URL to use in your email


3- Integrate your CRM / emailing variables

In the screenshot above, we framed with red rectangles the generic variables linked to the form fields of your campaign. You need to replace these variables by your own emailing CRM variables. For instance, in the generic URL below:

In this generic URL found in the Qualifio manager, you should thus replace the variables, which are generic too, with your own CRM variables. For example, your variables might be:

  • Firstname: $firstname$ or {firstname}
  • Lastname: $lastname$ ou {lastname}
  • Email: $email$ ou {email}

(The nomenclature/classification of these variables depend on what CRM or emailing platform you are using.)

Here's the URL you should thus integrate in your email:$firstname$&ID568409=$lastname$&ID568410=$email$&

4- Perform a test

In order to make sure that everything works as it should, we recommend you perform a test. If it works properly, here's the expected behavior:

  • You get an email that promotes a campaign;
  • You click on the link within the email;
  • You take part in the campaign;
  • When you get to the "Form" step, the first name, last name, and email address fields are pre-filled with your personal information.

Important note on cookies

To use this feature, we drop a functional cookie on the user's browser. This cookie uses the domain of the iframe that will be pre-filled (e.g.

As of 2018, some browsers started blocking third-party cookies and trackers by default. It is thus important to use an iframe that is on the same domain as the parent page where it’s embedded (in this example: That way, the cookie is not considered as a 3rd party cookie and not blocked.

When you use a subdomain of your domain to publish your Qualifio campaign (e.g. instead of, the cookie is considered as first-party and isn't blocked by any browser.


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