How to create an additional questionnaire or survey

Sébastien Desprez -

Additional questionnaire or survey

If needed you can create an additional questionnaire that you propose to your participants after the campaign in order to get more information about them. 

This feature is available in the Form step of your campaign. Capture_d_e_cran_2017-05-12_a__14.26.12.png

Once it's activated, a new campaign creation step will appear after the form. 


In this tab you will be able to create the qualification questionnaire.


You can decide to give a certain number of extra points to the participants who agree to take part in this additional questionnaire. As this qualification survey is not compulsory, you will also be able to display a custom message to explain to the participants why they should answer your questions, if they are going to win a certain number of extra points etc.   

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