How to make a custom URL for my minisite

Olivier de Lamotte -

This feature allows you to customize the URL of a minisite created in Qualifio when you linked to your account either

  • a specific domain (
  • or a subdomain of your domain (ex :

This option is only available if you've made a CNAME redirection to one of your subdomain.

At the moment, you have long URLs for your minisites (on your subdomain) such as:


This URL would be better (in terms of branding) if it could be shortened/customized.

You have two options:

1) Link this domain or subdomain to a minisite: or will display the content of your Qualifio campaign ;

2) Link a directory to a minisite: will display the content of your Qualifio campaign.



You can access this menu if you're an Admin in the Settings, Domain Redirections


Finally, it is also possible to redirect the root of your subdomain toward a page of your choice. For instance, will redirect to to avoid coming to a blank page if a user types this subdomain. 

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